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Modellagio is an innovative solution in the creation process for the Fashion Industry. A unique WebAPP for digitizing models and storage in the clouds that will connect professionals worldwide. Incredible Designer’s innovative pattern-based approach with tools that enhance quality while saving you time. From basic shirts to complex dresses and uniforms, you can virtually do whatever necessary to create new draping, patterns and more.

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Your designs on the cloud

Modellagio gives the user an online web app with cloud-based storage where he can keep all his designs to use them anywhere at anytime.

You can use big screen to develop your projects together in real size and insert it in your chosen human model or client.

Click and paste

With an Ipad or a touch screen you will be able to use your fingers to resize and draw your drapings and send them to the Cad in order to make your designers faster and with more precision. 

You will be able to buy pieces of pattern making inside the APP.

In the Modellagio Market Place, you will be able to buy pattern making directly in your creative area. There, thousands of fashion designers will be able to offer their creations and sell them.

With one click you can buy sleeves, shirt collars, and hundreds of other parts inside the APP.

If you want to know how much Modellagio costs just touch or pass the mouse over this sentence.

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No more software installations or exclusive equipment for you to create your designs and pattern makings.

Modellagio is with you wherever you are online.

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